Hi, I'm Eline.

Maker, designer, wanderer, dabbler, writer, mother, wife, friend.

Mostly all at the same time and, as a result, sometimes with varying degrees of success. My heart, however, is poured into every one.

Emmy + LIEN is where my heart gets mopped up and poured back in again, in the hope of achieving clarity, providing inspiration, and telling stories. 

Emmy, after my grandmother. She sold handsewn dresses to well-to-do ladies from her front room, and somehow still managed to look after six kids. These days I don't think she sews much anymore, but she still bakes her own bread twice a week. 

Emmy stands for traditional skills, tenacity, grace.

And LIEN? It's the part of me I like the most. The bit that is bold, driven, passionate about yarn (well, that's all of me) and sustainable making. The part that pulls in all my experiences {BE UK JP IT SWE} and turns them into inspiration. 


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Put the two together, and you get Emmy + LIEN


a crochet design label that combines traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic

a digital creative living magazine full of inspiration, techniques, and food for thought

an online resource for makers interested in using sustainable materials

a photo diary of my journey as a maker, designer, dabbler, writer, mother... you get the idea!